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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Somehow, I doubt that this is what the developers intended...

I just noticed when I updated all of my Firefox extensions yesterday that I have one I hadn't noticed before - SnarkNotes Fleck. Some of you might find it useful, for the purposes I've been using it for, or not.

It's an (IMO) nifty extension, designed to allow angry autistics people to safely make sarcastic remarks in response to curebies' writing annotate websites and blog entries, and allows users to put comments in the area of the page that they actually want to remark on.

Of course, I'm not strictly (or at all, yet) using it for its intended purpose. I'm currently finding it a really neat tool for doing the thing I struck out in the paragraph above. And yes, I *am* internally calling it SnarkNotes, despite the images of a study guide series directed at sarcastic high school students that that conjures for me.

Granted, this doesn't mean I *won't* use it the "right" way - I expect I will if I have something to say but can't get my thoughts in order for a comment. It's just that now, when I've been restricting myself from replying to a lot of questions about autism online due to the fear that I'll just become unnecessarily sarcastic, I finally have an outlet that helps me not end up openly insulting people!

BTW, I do the same to my assigned novels for class, write sarcastic/snarky remarks in the margins/between lines of text. (Sometimes I think I might have more of that than actual informational notes.) That's why I'm afraid to let others see my books. I'm already worried that some might claim that the stranger stories I've written in Spanish are indicative of a deep morbidness and desire for violence. :-P (My instructor hasn't yet, but that was *last* semester, before the paranoia about students' writings became even more pronounced.) I'm trying not to arouse suspicion among my classmates and teachers, as I really am quite harmless.


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